A. V. Shavrina, V. Khalack, N. S. Polosukhina, J. Zverko, J. Zhiznovsky, V. F. Gopka, P. North, V. V. Tsymbal, A. V. Yushchenko


We have considered the possibility for modeling of remarkable spectral feature 6708 Å for HD101065 (Przybylski's star) in two ways - as a blend of Li and REE lines and as blend of REE lines only. We show by model calculations that Li lines absorb significantly in the range 6707.72-6708.02 ÅÅ and resulting Li abundance 3.3 dex (in the scale lg N(H)=12.0) is near to the primordial value.

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Stars; chemically peculiar; individual; HD101065 stars; individual; HD101065.

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