• L. L Chinarova Astronomical observatory and Department of Astronomy, Odessa National University, Ukraine
  • I. L. Andronov Astronomical observatory and Department of Astronomy, Odessa National University, Ukraine


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Stars, Pulsating, semi-regular


The characteristics of brightness variations of 173 semi-regular stars  are tabulated: the moments and brightness of the extrema; the effective periods, amplitudes and significance obtained by using different methods: a) the periodogram analysis (harmonic least squares t) with prewhitening to determine characteristics and significance of waves with 3 periods; b) the wavelet analysis to determine characteristics of statistically significant waves; ) the "running parabola" scalegram analysis to determine the optimal filter half - width for smoothing. The characteristics may be used for more precise classification of semi-regular
variables. Characteristics of the 6509 extrema of 147 stars are listed. The electronic
version is available via The observations for the analysis have been taken from the AFOEV and VSOLJ  databases (with a duration up to 94 years) for the stars: AQ, EH, EK, RS, RU, RV, ST, TV,   TY, TZ, UX, VX And; GY, PX, S, V, V844 Aql; V, Z Aqr; T Ari; AG, RS, S, UU, Z Aur; RV, RW, RX, RZ, U, V, WY Boo; T Cae; RR, RS, RY, S, ST, U Cam; RT Cap; PZ, SV, UX, V393, V465, WZ Cas; T, Y Cen; AR, RU, RW, RX, SS, TY, W Cep; T Cet; RS, RT, T, X Cnc; RR, RS, TT CrB; V, Y Cvn; AA, AF, AI, AV, AW, BC, RS, RU, RV, RW, RZ, TT, V460, W Cyg; EU, U Del; RS, RY, S, TX, UX, WZ Dra; SY, Z Eri; IS, NQ, RS, SW, TU, TV, Y Gem; DE, MZ, RR, ST, SX, UU, X Her; FF, RT, U, V, W, Y Hya; RS Lac; RY, SX Leo; RX, S Lep; U, W LMi; Y, EG, R, SZ Lyr; RV, SW, X Mon; V759 Oph; BQ, FX, GT, RT, W Ori; AF, AK, SV, TX Peg; AD, BU, DY, FZ, RS, RU, S, SU, SY, T, UZ, W, XX Per; R Pic; RT, RW, Z Psc; BM Sco; S Sct; FG Ser; X Sge; AB, TT, W, Y Tau; W Tri; RX, RY, RZ, ST,SV, V, Y, Z UMa; R, V UMi; RT, SS, SW Vir; RU Vul.


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