Multicolor photometry of the classical nova V446 Her in "QUIESCENCE"


  • E. P. Pavlenko Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, Ukraine
  • D. N. Mullanurova Kazan State University, Russian Federation
  • A. V. Baklanov Astronomical Observatory of Odessa National University, Ukraine
  • O. I. Antoniuk Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, Ukraine
  • T. M. Filatova Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow State University, Russian Federation


Ключові слова:

stars, binary, cataclysmic, individual, V446 Her


We present the result of 2-year observations of Nova Her 1960 = V446 Her in 2002 - 2003. Data obtained in VRI spectral bands display the dwarf- nova-like outbursts with amplitude ~ 1m - 1.8m and typical time of 14 days. The magnitude - color diagrams show the reddening with fainting. They support the idea that the nature of the outbursts could be the thermal instability in accretion disk around white dwarf.


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