N. N. Samus, E. V. Kazarovets, N. N. Kireeva, E. N. Pastukhova, O. V. Durlevich


A short history of variable-star catalogs
is presented. After the second World War, the
International Astronomical Union asked astronomers
of the Soviet Union to become responsible for
variable-star catalogs. Currently, the catalog is kept
electronically and is a joint project of the Institute of
Astronomy (Russian Academy of Sciences) and Sternberg
Astronomical Institute (Moscow University).
We review recent trends in the field of variable-star
catalogs, discuss problems and new prospects related
to modern large-scale automatic photometric sky
surveys, outline the subject of discussions on the
future of the variable-star catalogs in the profile
commissions of the IAU, and call for suggestions from
the astronomical community.

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Stars, variable, stars, catalogs.

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