E. Koptelova, W. P. Chen, T. Chiueh, B. P. Artamonov, V. L. Oknyanskij, S. N. Nuritdinov, O. Burkhonov, T. Akhunov, V. V. Bruevich, O. V. Ezhkova, A. S. Gusev, A. V. Sergeyev, Sh. A. Ehgamberdiev, M. A. Ibragimov


We study brightness variations in the double lensed quasar UM673 (Q0142-100) with the aim of measuring the time delay between its two images. Methods.. We analyzed the V, R and I-band light curves of the A and B images of UM673, which cover ten observational seasons from August 2001 to November 2010. We also analyzed the time evolution of the difference in magnitudes (flux ratio) between images A and B of UM673 over more than ten years. We find that the quasar exhibits both short-term (with an amplitude of ~ 0.1 mag in the R band) and long-term (with an amplitude of ~ 0.3 mag) variability on timescales of about several months and several years, respectively. These brightness variations are used to constrain the time delay between the images of UM673. From a cross-correlation analysis of the A and B quasar light curves and an error analysis we measure a mean time delay of 89 days with an rms error of 11 days.

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