I. A. Andronov, M. G. Tkachenko


We discuss methods for modeling eclipsing binary stars. There are few realizations of the Wilson- Devinney (1971) code and its improvements, e.g. “Binary Makef’, “Phoebe”. A parameter search using the Monte- Carlo method was realized by Zola et al. (2010), which is efficient in expense of too many evaluations of the test func­tion. We compare existing algorithms of minimization of multi-parametric functions. To study methods, we adopt a simplified model of an eclipsing binary at a circular orbit assuming spherical components with an uniform brightness distribution. This model resembles more advanced models in a sense of correlated parameter estimates due to a similar topology of the test function. Such a model may be applied to detached Algol-type systems, where the tidal distortion of components is negligible.

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variable stars; eclipsing binaries; algols; data analysis; time series analysis; parameter determination

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