V. N. Andruk, V. V. Golovnya, G. F. Ivanov, E. M. Izhakevich, I. K. Pakuliak, Yu. I. Protsyuk, S. V. Shatokhina, A. I. Yatsenko, M. M. Muminov


To ensure the rational use of  informational resources generated by UkrVO  in MAO NASU, a  catalog  of  equatorial  coordinates  (α,  δ)  and B-magnitudes of  stars was  created by using plates obtained during observational campaign named FON (ukr., Photographic Sky Survey). 102  plates with  field of view of 8° were processed. Digitization of plates with  sizes of (30x30) cm or (13000x13000) px was performed by using resolution of 1200 dpi. The catalog contains astrometric data for 1, 263, 932 stars and galaxies  with  B  ≤  16.5m  at epoch 1984.76. The coordinates and B magnitudes were respectively obtained in the system of TYCHO-2 catalogue and  photoelectric standards.  The internal accuracy of the catalog: for all objects is ±0.26" for coordinates and ± 0.17m  for magnitudes, and  for  stars  in  the  range B =  8m  -13m  is  ± 0.13" and ± 0.11m. Convergence of coordinate  with reference TYCHO-2   system  is ±0.06" (for 93 925 stars), the convergence  with  the photoelectric stellar  B-magnitudes is ±0.16m (for 4458 stars). Errors relative to the UCAC-4  catalog  are ±0.34". We  identified   1099005 stars and galaxies.

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virtual observatory tools; astrometry; techniques: photometric; methods;data analysis; catalogues

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