• M. O. Kulichenko Research Institute "Mykolaiv Astronomical Observatory", Ukraine
  • N. V. Maigurova Research Institute "Mykolaiv Astronomical Observatory", Ukraine
  • O. V. Shulga Research Institute "Mykolaiv Astronomical Observatory", Ukraine


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Meteors, photometry, Gaia BP/RP photometric system, color index


The study of meteoroids and the phenomena
arising from their entry into the Earth's atmosphere is of
considerable scientific and practical interest to obtain data on
the origin and evolution of the solar system, to study the
physics of planetary atmospheres, and to solve the problem of
problem of asteroid-cometary-meteoroid hazard. Today the
most effective and informative are photometric and spectral
studies of meteor phenomena, which provide information on
the chemical composition and physical properties (density,
combustion temperature, etc.) of meteoroids that allow us to
classify these bodies by parental origin and mineralogical
structure. This paper presents the results of a study of the
photometric system of eight meteor telescopes of the same
type with a lens having a wide field of view (f = 50 mm, f /
1.2) and WAT-902H2 cameras. Telescopes equipped with
broadband Cokin filters P050 (cyan) and P003 in the blue and
red bands are installed in Mykolaiv and Odesa. An original
method is used to observe meteors - the method of
accumulation of shifted frames for TV cameras, which
provide an accumulated image of reference stars in the form
of points on a motionless telescope. In this work, simultaneous
observations of reference stars in two filters obtained on 2
different observation nights were used. Cross-identification of
the observational data with the Gaia DR2 catalog showed that
the standard error of the residual coordinate differences (Obs
– Gaia DR2) is about 7 "for both coordinates in both filters.
The bandwidths of our filters are closest to the photometric
system Gaia BP / RP, which was selected as a standard system
to which the obtained instrumental stellar magnitudes were
transformed. Transformation coefficients for converting
instrumental stellar magnitudes into Gaia BP/RP photometric
system were obtained by linear regression. Average standard
photometric solution errors were 0.2 mag and 0.3 mag for red i and
blue band, respectively. The possibility of determining the
color index based on the array of common stars from
observations in two bands is shown


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