M. N. Pasechnik


The results of the specific features
study of solar plasma dynamics in different layers of
the active region (AR) of NOAA 11024 under the in-
fluence arisen and evolving two Ellerman bombs (EB-1
and EB-2) are presented. Spectral data with high spa-
tial and temporal resolution were obtained with the
French-Italian THEMIS solar telescope. We used spec-
tra were obtained in the H α -line and in the lines form-
ing within a wide range of photospheric heights: FeI
λ λ 630.15, 630.25, and 630.35 nm and TiI λ 630.38
nm. EBs evolved in the region magnetic flux that were
emerging at the time. Changes in the velocity and di-
rection of chromospheric and photospheric matter mo-
tion in the region of Ellerman bombs and in their im-
mediate vicinity at different stages of EBs evolution
were determined and analyzed.
Temporal variations in the line-of-sight velocities
(Vlos) of the chromospheric matter at a level of the H α
core formation showed two periods in the velocity en-
hancement, containing several individual peaks. The
maximum Vlos was –9 and 8 km/s toward and from
the observer, respectively. Rapid upward and down-
ward plasma streams (where Vlos reaches –80 and 50
km/s, respectively) were sometimes observed.
It was found that upflows were predominant at all
levels of the AR photosphere. At the same time, Vlos
decreased considerably in the region of EBs. Appar-
ently, the small-scale downward flows induced by mag-
netic reconnections were superimposed onto the large-
scale upward motion of the new magnetic flux plasma.
The line-of-sight velocity in the central part of EB-1
and EB-2 varied from –1 to 0 km/s and from –1 to 0.2
km/s in the upper photospheric layer and from –1.6
to –0.2 km/s and from –1.1 to 0.25 km/s in the lower
layer of the photosphere, respectively.
The studied features of temporary changes in the
line-of-sight velocities of the chromospheric and photo-
spheric matter during the formation and development
of Ellerman bombs indicate that they affect both the
photosphere and the lower chromosphere.

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Ellerman bombs; chromosphere; photosphere; line-of-sight velocities

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