Model of gravitational effects in Saturn’s rings

L. D. Manchenko


In this work, we consider one possi-
ble gravitational interaction in a system consisting of
Saturn, its satellites and rings. The structure of rings
can be changed because of such interactions leading to
some sculpting of rings. In consequence of not triv-
ial gravitational effects, various perturbations are ob-
served on the edges of rings. We use methods of ce-
lestial mechanics to describe a system containing the
planet, two satellites and the ring placed between them.
In such a system, gravitational forces lead to running
waves that deform the ring. These effects are peculiar
to Saturn’s F ring. The description of these perturba-
tions needs more difficult physical model. In particu-
lar, to find the change in the ring’s edge it’s necessary
to go to the non-inertial reference frame. To describe
some effects we expect to employ methods of nonlinear
physics to build the model.

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Saturn’s rings: gravitation; rotating reference frame

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