D. N. Doikov, A. V. Yushchenko


In this paper, we determine the causes
of correlations between the observed logarithmic lu-
minosity logL of galaxies with active nuclei (AGN)
with particular attention to BL Lac type objects. The
properties of flux variations of these galaxies in γ-rays
(logL γ ) and in optics (logL O ) are associated with the
combined action of cosmic rays (CR), and also with
hard radiation around the entire perimeter of AGN.
The necessity of using positron spectroscopy in such
objects is found. The importance of high-precision
measurements of 1.022 MeV line arising from the anni-
hilation of positrons with K-electrons of multielectron
atoms in the interstellar medium of disk component
of the studied galaxies is emphasized. The relation-
ship between the single-photon positron annihilation
and the Doppler line broadening of the same atoms
in optics is investigated in AGN. We found that indi-
rect evidence of the presence of a sufficient number of
positrons and their annihilation are the cascade chan-
nels observed in the form of ∆-resonance. According
to the available data from the AGN’s catalogs the cal-
ibration of their luminosity in other spectral regions is

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active galactic nuclei; cosmic rays; inter stellar medium

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