L. Jenkovszky, A. Shpenik, V. Svintozelskyi


Glueball and oddball resonances lying
on the pomeron/odderon trajectories (Chew-Frautchi
plot) with threshold and asymptotic behaviour re-
quired by analyticity and unitarity are predicted. The
parameters of the pomeron and odderon trajectories
are fitted to the data on high-energy elastic proton-
proton scattering. The fitted trajectories are extrap-
olated to the resonance region to predict masses and
widths of glueballs and oddballs. Appended by unitary
symmetry, the Chew-Frautchi plot remains a powerful
tool to classify hadrons.

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regge trajectories; resonances; pomeron; odderon; glueball; meson; baryon

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