M. Yu. Pyatnytskyy


Twenty-seven new variable stars were
found in DSLR images captured from October 2017
to June 2019. All images were taken using unmod-
i?ed Canon EOS 600D DSLR attached to a Sky-
watcher 150/750 Newtonian on a motorized equato-
rial mount. The variables were registered in The In-
ternational Variable Star Index (VSX, AAVSO) as
PMAKV1..PMAKV27 respectively. Most of them
(twelve) were classi?ed as semiregular variables of dif-
ferent subtypes, nine as eclipsing binaries (EA, EW,
and EB), three rotating RS Canum Venaticorum-type
stars, one rotating ellipsoidal variable (ELL), one Delta
Scuti-type pulsating variable, and one as a possible
nova-like (NL) star.
The setup and methodology used by the author al-
lowed discovering of variables having a wide range of
maximum brightness (from 8: m 9 to 14: m 4 in V band for
stars described in the current work), variability range
up to ?0: m 1 and less, and quite di?erent periods of vari-
ability, from hours to hundreds of days. Although all
those variables were detected using images taken by the
author, detailed analysis and classi?cation of stars re-
quired the involvement of additional data sources (au-
tomated sky surveys

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variable stars;aperture photometry; DSLR

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