S V. Shatokhina, L. V. Kazantseva, V. M. Andruk


In total, about 4,500 asteroid po-sitions
were determined from photographic observations conducted
at the MAO NAS of Ukraine in 1952-1996. These are the
early positions of the selected minor planets, mostly bright,
the observations of which were initiated by the founders of
the ORBITA observational program and were made in
1952-1986. The second later positions of asteroids obtained
from digitized plates from photographic observations of the
Northern Sky Survey project in 1981-1996.
Using digital plate processing technologies, 2292
asteroid positions were obtained, the images of which were
fixed during observations and identified during
processing.The new star catalog Gaia DR2 was used to
study changes in determining the accuracy of equatorial
coordinates for various faint objects on plates. For several 8
plates with images of Pluto comets and faint asteroids of
particular interest due to the lack of observations in the past,
new complete processing of scans of these plates was
performed. The Gaia DR2 was used as a reference catalog.
The asteroid positions from early observations of 1952-
1986 were determined in accordance with classical linear
reduction algorithms. These are 1651 positions of minor
planets determined in the PPM catalog system and
obtained from observations with the Double Wide-Angle
Astrograph. The remaining 591 positions were determined
in the systems of old reference catalogs of stars Yale,
SAO, AGK3, and obtained from observations with the
Double Long-Focus Astrograph. It was for these positions
that the calibration with the Gaia catalog was performed.
The data on the positions of minor planets digitized from
publications and additional data on their reference systems
deposited in previous years at VINITI (now VINITI
Database RAS) were used.
Comparison with JPL ephemeris was performed both
for new determinations of asteroid coordinates with the
Gaia catalog, and for past determinations obtained in
systems of other reference catalogs.

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