N. V. Maigurova, Yu. I. Protsyuk, L. E. Bondarchuk


Main objective of the study is getting
information about multiple and double stars that allow us
to determine whether this pair is physically link system.
Physically bounded star systems are source of unique
information such as the ratio of the periods of pairs in one
system, the relative orientation of the orbital planes, the
distribution of components by mass which is extremely
important for determining the parameters of star formation
models and for testing stellar models evolution. The
results of selected multiple star systems CCD
observations, which were carried out at the KT-50
telescope of the Research Institute “Mykolaiv
Astronomical Observatory” during the 2016-2018 years
are presented. The Washington catalog of double stars
(WDS) was used for observational list. There were
presented detailed study of 14 multiple star systems.
Astrometric reductions of the CCD frames with multiple
system components at the current epoch were performed
using “Astrometrica” software with Gaia DR2 reference
catalog. The combination of the CCD received data with
other Strasbourg base catalogs allowed to determine the
new values of stars proper motions. Parameters of mutual
component configuration (position angle and separation)
were also measured for the components of the multiple
star systems using REDUC software. The measures
standard errors were 0.05" for separations and 0.2° for
position angles. Combination ground based original
observations with accurate astrometric catalogs available
due to Strasbourg astronomical Data Center allowed us
obtain new knowledge about investigated objects.

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Double and multiple stars; binary stars;CCD observations; astrometric positions; common proper motions

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