N. Z. Ismailov, A. N. Adigezalzade, U. Z. Bashirova


The results of spectral observations of the Herbig  Ae/Be  type  star  HD  179218  are  presented.  Two wave-like  cycles  of  variability  in  the  parameters  of hydrogen lines Hα and Hβ with a characteristic time of ~ 40 days are revealed. The first wave of variations is deeper; the branches  of  decreasing  and  increasing  the  spectral parameters of the lines are more clearly expressed. At the time of the first minimum, in the profile of the emission lineHα the appearance and disappearance of additional blue and red emission components are observed. At the same time, narrow absorption components were discovered in the Hβ line. Possible mechanisms of the observed variability of the star are discussed.

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stars; variables; Herbig Ae/Be stars; circumstellar matter; individual – HD179218

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