V. A. Golovashchenko, S. V. Kolomiyets


As  a  result  of  dynamic  evolution  of  IT industry  and  astronomical  research  in  the  XXI  century, which  have  resulted  in  obtaining  large  and  complex  data sets known as Big Data (e.g. data from the European Space Agency missions, such as GAIA mission, etc.), as well as due  to  rapid  development  of  computer  technologies, astronomy  and  computer  science  have  become  closely linked  to  each  other.  In  the  XXI  century,  Information technology  has become an essential part of  understanding the  world  around.  This  paper  presents  a  solution  to  the problem  of  meteor  data  representation  in  the  second equatorial  coordinate  (RA-Dec)  system  using  Information Technology.  Such  a  visualisation  solution  is  needed  to analyse  the  results  of  experiments  based  on  the  radar observations  conducted  in  1972-1978  (stage  1  –  the  data obtained  in  1972  comprise  10,247  meteor  orbits),  which have been accumulated and stored in the Meteor Database of  the  Kharkiv  National  University  of  Radio  Electronics (KNURE).  A  sample  set  of  data  with  their  characteristicsand  details  about  their  delivery  has  been  presented  by (Kashcheyev  &  Tkachuk,  1980).  An  electronic  calculator application was developed by employing the model of data visualisation in the form of celestial hemispheres using the object-oriented programming language C#.

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meteors; meteor map; data visualisation; databases; object-oriented programming; C#

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