S. S. Parshina, L. K. Tokayeva, E. M. Dolgova, T. N. Afanas'yeva, S. N. Samsonov, V. D. Petrova, E. S. Vodolagina, T. I. Kaplanova, M. V. Potapova


There  had  been  studied  features  of rheological blood failures in patients with unstable angina (UA) in periods of the high (HSA) and low solar activity (LSA)  in  the  23rd  11-year  solar  cycle.  This  category  of patients  is  characterized  by  prethrombotic  blood  state, although  they  don’t  have  coronary  thrombosis.  The research aimed to study compensatory mechanisms which block  thrombosis  development  at  the  solar  activity increase. There had been established that the period of the solar  activity  increasing  in  the  11-year  solar  cycle  is characterized  by  an  increase  of  a  blood  viscosity, comparing  with  the  period  of  a  low  solar  activity. Though,  erythrocytes  functional  features  in  this  case  are compensatory  mechanisms  –  erythrocyte  aggregation paradoxically reduced and their deformability increases. It is  probably  connected  with  the  revealed  fibrinogen decrease in the period of the high solar activity. We can see that the change of a solar activity is accompanied not only by the progressing of pathologic processes, but also by  an  activation  of  adaptive  changes  in  erythrocyte membrane  so0  as  to  prevent  thrombosis.  Though,  the required  compensatory  mechanisms  were  found  invalid, which were shown in the decrease of an oxygen delivery to  tissues,  and  the  effectiveness  decrease  of  the  medical treatment in the period of a HSA. 

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solar activity; unstable angina; blood rheological properties; erythrocytes functional features

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