V. G. Lozitsky, E. A. Baranovsky, N. I. Lozitska, V. P. Tarashchuk


We consider three methods for estimations of local  magnetic fields in solar flares: (1)  analysis of bisectors of I ± V profiles (Lozitsky, 2015); (2) search for Zeeman-like effects in cores of spectral lines with very low Lande factors, geff ≈ 0.01 (Lozitsky, 1993, 1998); (3) semi-empirical  modeling  using  many  spectral  lines  and two-component  models  (see,  e.g.,  Lozitsky  et  al.,  2000). We illustrate the application of named methods to different observational data and to different spectral lines. Our main  conclusions  are  following:  (a)  upper  limit  of  local magnetic fields in solar flares is, at least, ~104 G, (b) such extremely strong fields can occur in very small, spatially unresolved scales, (c) lifetime of such fields is, at least, a few minutes. 

Ключові слова

Sun; solar activity; solar flares; magnetic Fields; spectral lines; the Zeeman effect; diagnostics of spatially unresolved structures; extremely strong fields

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