A. P. Miroshnichenko


In  the  framework  of  the  cosmological model  CDM  the  features  of  properties  of  giant  radio sources with steep low-frequency spectra of linear (S) and break (C+) types are examined. Our estimates of characteristic  age  of  galaxies  and  quasars  with  steep  spectrum from the UTR-2 catalogue have values 107-108 years. We consider  that  steep  radio  spectra  may  be  formed  at  the transient  injection  by  synchrotron  losses  of  relativistic electrons.  Earlier  we  have  determined  two  evolution branches in relation of the characteristic age and ratio of emission  of  torus  and  accretion  disk  crown  for  sources with  steep  spectra  S  and  C+.  To  further  examination  of evolution features of giant sources with steep spectra we consider  ratio  of  emission  of  radio  lobes  and  accretion disk  (and  disk  crown)  versus  velocity  of  jet  propagation and  characteristic  age  of  these  objects.  Analysis  of  ob-tained relations testifies to periodical activity of giant lowfrequency steep spectrum radio sources.

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Galaxies; Quasars; Radio sources; giants

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