S. V. Shatokhina, L. V. Kazantseva, O. M. Yizhakevych, I. Eglitis, V. M. Andruk


Photographic observations of XX century contained numerous and varied information about all objects  and  events  of  the  Universe  fixed  on  plates.  The original and interesting observations of small bodies of the Solar  system  in  previous  years  can  be  selected  and  used for various scientific tasks. Existing databases and online services can help make such selection easily and quickly.  The observations of chronologically earlier ppositions, photometric  evaluation  of  brightness  for  long  periods  of time allow refining the orbits of asteroids and identifying various non-stationaries. Photographic observations of Northern Sky Survey project  and  observations  of  clusters  in  UBVR  bands  were used  for  global  search  for  small  bodies  of  Solar  system. Total we founded 2486 positions of asteroids and 13 positions  of  comets.  All  positions  were  compared  with ephemeris.  It was found that 80 positions of asteroids have a moment of observation preceding their discovery, and 19 of them are chronologically the earliest observations of these asteroids in the world.

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photographic archive; asteroids; catalogs; position

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