N. V. Maigurova, A. V. Pomazan, D. V. Bodryagin, L. E. Bondarchuk


The  results  of  astrometric  reductions  of main belt asteroid observations  with  usage of 3 different reference  catalogues  are  presented.  The  high  precision catalogs CMC15, UCAC4 and GAIA DR1 were used as reference  catalogues  for  calculation  asteroid  equatorial coordinates. The asteroid observations were carried out at KT-50  telescope  of  the  RI  “MAO”  Mobitel  complex during  2016.  The  array  contains  1666.positions  of  68 asteroids  mainly  in  range  of  (11  –  15)  magnitudes.  The differences  (O  –  C)  were  calculated  by  comparing  the obtained  topocentric  positions  with  the  HORIZONS ephemerides  of  the  JPL  laboratory.  The  mean  square errors of the (O – C) values were used for comparison of the different reductions model. The influence of the choice of  the  reference  catalog  on  the  random  and  systematic asteroid position errors is shown.

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CCD observations; reference catalogs; main belt asteroids; topocentric positions;ephemerids

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