V. Golovnia, O. Yizhakevych, S. Shatokhina, V. Andruk


Astrometric  photographic  observations  of Solar system bodies in the frame of different programs were made  at  MAO  NAN  of  Ukraine  during  1950-2005.  9245 plates  with the images of planets and their  natural  satellite, Moon,  minor  planets,  comets  and  artificial  satellites  were obtained and processed in the late 20th century. At the beginning  of  the  21st  century,  the  UkrVO  Joint  Digital  Archive (JDA)  was  created,  which  is  accessible  at  the  МAO  NAS resources (  To digitize the plate archive for the JDA database, flat bed scanners were used and the software was specially de-veloped  on  the  basis  of  the  LINUX/MIDAS/ROMAFOT software for the processing of wide-field images, as well as searching for the images of minor planets and comets on the Northern sky survey program plates. Up to the present time, the  photographic  plates  with  images  of  outer  planets  and their satellites have been re-processed.  The final result of the long-lasting program of the photographic  positional  observations  of  Solar  system  bodies are  summarized  and  presented  in  this  publication.

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Solar system bodies; Astrometric photographic observations; UkrVO Joint Digital Archive

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