A. M. Dmytrenko, V. S. Akhmetov


This  article  presents  the  main  results  of the initial processing of some of the astronomical images obtained  from  the  archive  of  the  digitized  photographics survey  of  the  whole  sky  SuperCOSMOS.  Using  of  the median  filtering and gausian  convolution procedure  with the  adaptive  kernel  allows  to  carry  out  the  initial processing  of  astronomical  images  without  calibration frames.   After  the  initial  processing,  the  photocenters  of the celestial objects were identified by various methods. It has been concluded that after the use of the mathematical methods  for  the  initial  processing  of  the  digitized photographics images, the position of objects is calculated with a higher random and systematic precision.

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astrometry; survey; image processing; big-data

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