T. N. Khudyakova


Photometric BVRIJHK observations of the symbiotic star R Aqr are presented. The data were obtained at Byurakan Station of the St.Petersburg University Astronomical Observatory during the interval 1971- 1991, using AFM-6 photometer (C-8 type photocatode) at the 48 cm telescope (BV), the IKAF-1 photometer (SI type photocatode) at the 48 cm and 62 cm telescopes (HI), IKAF-2 PIS photometer at the 62 cm telescope (JHK). The photometry was made and reduced to Johnson system in the usual manner for broad-band photometry. The main part of the data were obtained in red and near infrared, and my report will concern the cold component.

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R Aqr - long-period variables -symbiotic binaries

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