I. A. Usenko, A. Yu. Kniazev, V. V. Kovtyukh, T. V. Mishenina, A. S. Miroshnichenko, D. G. Turner, Yu. I. Protsyuk


We present the results of a spectroscopic and photometric investigation of 15 objects from the open cluster NGC 5662, which contains the Cepheid V Cen. Besides the Cepheid, we studied one G-supergiant, two K-giants, four B-giants, and seven main sequence stars. Radial velocities (RV), v sin i, Teff, log g, and [Fe/H] were determined using model fitting. We have derived the color-excesses, reddenings, and intrinsic colors for these stars to determine their true Teff and log g from comparison to the atmophere models, especially for hot stars, and to determine their absolute magnitudes. RV and GAIA DR2 2018 parallax/distance values for these stars allowed  us to determine their membership in the cluster and to construct it 3D kinematic models. These parallaxes and reddenings led to the distances in a range of 700– 875 pc, while photometric MV gave the distances of 550–660 pc. Two objects from our list were found to be non-members of the cluster, and two other objects to be background stars. All members have [Fe/H] = −0.1±0.04 dex. The main sequence stars and B-giants have abundances of C, N, and Na close to the solar one, while the cool supergiants and giants show a deficit of carbon, an overabundance of nitrogen, and a small overabundance or close to the solar sodium content.
Two Li-rich K-giants, HD 127733 and HD 127753, were discovered in the cluster.

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Open clusters: radial velocities; Stars: abundance; GAIA parallaxes; Cepheids; Lithium giants; individual: NGC 5662; V Cen;HD 127733; HD 127753

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