I. Eglitis, A. Sokolova


A search for new faint carbon (C) stars in the Polar region δ > 55o has been accomplished by obtaining objective prism spectra in the near infrared 550 -- 900 nm on images of CCD camera of Baldone Schmidt telescope of Astrophysical observatory. The positions of stars   having color indices (J – K) > 1.3 mag in Two Micron All Sky Infrared Survey (2MASS) were selected to pick out suspicious carbon stars.

Our survey is limited in brightness by J < 10 mag. 24 new carbon stars were found and their characteristics obtained. The correlative relation between Teff  and spectral gradient [757 – 685] was confirmed. Such characteristics as Teff, distance from the Sun, absolute Mk  were obtained for newly discovered carbon stars.

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circumstellar mater; near infrared; carbon stars; absolute magnitude; distance

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