A. D. Chernin, I. D. Karachentsev, N. V. Emelyanov


Zeldovich Local Pancake is a two-dimensional
system of 15 giant galaxies nearest to us. Two of the
galaxies, the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy,
move to each other in the Local Group, while the rest
of the galaxies are located around the group at the
distances up to 10 Mpc from the group barycenter
and move away from it forming a local expansion
outflow. We use recent Hubble Space Telescope data
on local giants and their numerous fainter companions
to study the dynamical structure and evolutionary
trends of the expanding system. N-body computer
model, which reproduces the observed kinematics of
the flow, is constructed under the assumption that
the system as a whole is embedded in the universal
dark energy background. In the model, the motions
of the flow bodies are controlled by their mutual
attraction force and the repulsion force produced
by the dark energy. It is found that the repulsion
dominates the force field of the system. Because
of this, the the system expands with acceleration.
The dark energy domination increases with time and
introduces to the expansion flow an asymptotically
linear velocity-distance relation with the universal
time-rate (the Hubble constant) that depends on the
dark energy density only

Ключові слова

galaxies; groups; kinematics and dynamics; dark energy

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